yes, someone still actually uses the old windows 2000 professional. apparently my computer runs faster than any of my frens pc with Xp in em.

anyway, i know a lil bit about computer, im not a computer whizz, so i kinda got consfused when i got the following msg.

Windows Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\Systemced

i googled it and i went to the microsoft page (amongts many pages) for support

just got stuck on one of the steps

under the title

"Restore a Backup of the System Hive"

step number 4

how do i choose my installation?? coz when it shows that question on the screen you can only type one letter/characther

my comp is an old comp. its got 3 installations, 2 windows 2000 pro (the first one of them is the one i want to repair) and a windows98. what command would make it go to the desired installation

sorry about that guy, as i told u im not a pc whizz , i just know the basic computing stuff.

any help would be great. thx

oh yeah, just another thing. i have 2 hard disks installed, the 1st one is where i installed all the programs, n the OS. the 2nd one is where i put all my datas. just in case i cant fix my problem as mentioned above (about the error msg), i want to replace my 1st hard disk with a new one. but if i do dat, would i still b able to open my files ont he 2nd hard disk?

thx all

Selecting the installation you want to repair is just chosing which installed copy of windows 2000 you want to repair (for systems with multiple OS's) Most End Users would just have 1 choice - choose wisely, indoshakemaker-san. (If it can only take 1 character, look above - see if there is a list if so press <1> and <Enter> if not type the drive letter that your OS is installed on (most it is 'C' - some - it's not :P))

On that second question - simple answer - Yes. There won't be any problem with the new HDD reading the old one. Just as a safety precaution, though - I like to unplug my slave HDD during new installs so as to not 'accidentally' format the wrong drive in the set up process.

aaah, i mite as well, get a new hdd then to replace the old one. yeah, the 2nd option is best i think. thanks alot!!!!!!!!!

Why do you have 2 win2000 installations? Just wondering. You should be able, while in command prompt, to enter your logical drives such as, C:, D:, etc, and enter "dir" to see whats on the disk. That way you will know which one to correct.

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