Am using windows 7 ultimate..for every 15 to 20 minutes it hangs and show like this

"Device driver stooped stopped and recovered successfully"

Can anyone tell me why this happens??Its because of virus but i have installed panda antivirus and updating it regularly..please i have recover this problem please anyone help me..

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This is a video-driver-related problem. Check for updates on your video driver, see if anything changes.
Google the error message: it will yield a lot of good links, such as this one: Click Here

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For that you can update the video driver through internet so you can easily get solutions which you mentioned.

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The driver issue is a symptom. You need to find what caused it or it will keep happening. Scan your hard drive for errors with HDTune then scan it for malware with Mbam. Google will easily find both programs for you.
Once you have found the cause, you can deal with it's effect.


Apart from faulty driver installs, this is also a symptom of your graphics card overheating or otherwise failing.

Order to try things:

  1. Clean Install new video card drivers
  2. Reinstall Windows
  3. Start budgeting for a new graphics card/PC (if it's integrated)
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