An error was encountered while opening associated documents the last time this solution was loaded. Document load is being skipped during this solution load in order to avoid that error.

How can I resolved this error in VB 2010?

Show us the code, the error, and the line highlighted when the error shows up.

There was no line highlighted. I dont know where is the error.

sorry took another look at your description. Are you saying that your code files don't load when your solution loads? Check where your projects are stored and see if they are still there but not loading. The default location for project files is My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects. If you find the prject, and your files are still there, you can try loading the project into the solution, using the Add Project option. If that won't work you can try to load the form and class files, separately. Then save your solution again.

Sometimes this happens when the solution files get corrupted. Delete the "projectname.snl" and "projectname.sou" files and then using VB open the project definition file "projectname.vbproj".