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I have Winodows 7 and 8 in dual boot. I wish to get rid of Windows 8. What should i do ?.
I am aware that there are many tutorials available online. But I trust more on members of this forum. Please suggest a reliable link or steps to remove Windows 8 without harming existing Windows 7.


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You already know that the unistall option is not officially supported by MS.

Did you really want to uninstall W8 or just always start W7 instead? This second option is simple: In the Control panel of W8 -> System -> Start -> change the default boot option to W7.

To uninstall W8 and leave W7 as the unique OS in the machine, this is a very good link but is not guaranteed that always will work.

Hope this helps

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I wish to completely remove windows 8 as I am not longer using it and comfortable with windows 7. So to Get back my disk space I wish to remove it.

By the way what is actual disk space if you have 500 GB of hard disk?

Conrol Manager --> Administrative Tasks --> Computer Management -->Disk Management. There you will see your hard drive(s) and partitions. Dis you install Windows 8 in a separate partition? That would make it a lot easier to remove it.

If you did install W8 on a separate partition then while logged into Windows 7 go into Disk Management as Ancient Dragon described, or follow this method:

Start > right-click 'Computer' > Manage

In the window that opens you will see Disk Management. Click on this and you will see your two partitions. If W8 is on the second partition then you can right-click on that partition and delete it or format it.

If you delete the partition then you can then right-click your Windows 7 partition and choose to resize it to take up the remaining space. If you choose to simply format the partition, then that partition will look and to all intentions, be like a separate drive in Explorer.

Finally, do this to remove the boot options:

Start > right-click 'Computer' > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced tab > 'Startup and Recovery' Settings > Choose Windows 7 as the default, and reduce the wait time to 5 seconds.

If you want to remove reference to W8 at boat time completely let us know.

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Thanx Guys . . . . running diskmgmt.msc and removing partition worked well . . thanx alot . .I thought I might loose my data.

Thanx a ton Fellas .

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