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A friend of mine was going to toss a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and so I gladly took it off his hands. It has a SAS bay on the front that fits 6 hard drives. I have 4x 73GB SAS drives that fit and are recognized by the SAS utility when the machine boots.

I am able to see all of the drives when I attempt to install Windows Server. However, they all show up as separate drives. I want to set this up so that I can use two drives, partitioned as one, to install Windows on (make the C drive 146GB instead of C being 73GB and another being 73GB).

I am unfamiliar with this sort of process, can someone help me out? Is this possible?

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You can do that with either hardware, or software RAID tools. If the system has hardware RAID capabilities (accessible via the bios usually - enable verbose boot so you can get into the RAID bios) then you can set it up to use 2 drives as a single disc image, and the other 2 as the mirror device. If not, then you will need to use the Windows Sever RAID tools to do the same, which should be accessible when you run the installer disc.

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