I'm about to make a video..But, I dont have an idea of which software to use. As I'm doing it for a contest I want it to be a better one.So,it would be very helpful for me if someone suggest me with a nice n easy to use s/w other than windows movie maker.

Thanks in advance.

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There is the recording, and there is the mixing/cutting. Recording is easy. Mixing/cutting is harder. There are a number of great tools available. Unfortunately, most of the Windows ones are commercial applications. Linux has a number of great free/open-source (professional quality) tools for that, such as cinelerra, kdenlive, etc. Here is a link to the cinelerra web site for live cd images that you can use to check out the tool without modifying your computer: http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php


hello, if you want something easy and better than movie maker, you can try Sony Vegas which is a software that can be used as drag and drop effects or professional editing. For an advanced use and professional editors, adobe premier pro and adobe after effects are the best. You can find tutorials on how to use any of these software on youtube.


@cmps - yes Adobe tools are great, but they are REALLY expensive. FOSS tools such as cinelerra are almost as capable (and sometimes more so), yet free. IMO, you can't beat the price! :-)


For all here there is one point i need to say...

For all the software we know, There is a crack...

So, For personal use and learning purpose go for crack...

For professional use, say Yes to License for better support..


Sony Vegas or Corel Video Studio X6 would be fine I suppose, and also Adobe Premiere Elements, all of which are paid versions by the way


since 2008, i prefer to use nokia 6630 movie creator @ application on that phone

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