This is my motherboard: K8NGM2 Series MS-7207(v1.X) Micro-ATX Mainboard
i have: 1.4 GB of ram and 80 GB of HDD.

and i want to know if i can install windows vista in it.
can someone help me with this?
something to upgrade?

Any motherboard will support Windows Vista. All of those stickers saying "Vista Compatible" or "Vista Ready" are just marketing BS. The components you need to ensure are up to spec are the CPU, the video card, hard drive size, and the amount of RAM. Those are all listed under the minimum requirements for the OS.

Vista will be fine i have an old laptop of similar spec, XP will run faster however. I also reccomend using 'windows anytime upgrade'.

And you should check that you have Vista/Windows 7 drivers for any hardware. I have a USB TV tuner and a Lexmark printer, for example, that I cannot use under anything newer than XP.

Matt above has said Xp runs faster! Vista was not the best horse in MS stable and given a choice I would avoid vista (or install it and upgrade to win 7 or 8 ASAP!) a number of clients have had problems with vista and solved by win 7.

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