hey guys
am using window 7 with avg 2013, i recently updated my pc and have stored my explicit,hardcore material in a folder hider, so after updating i tried to open the folder hider only to find the folder corrupted, after scanning the pc i got the massage that i must get a license to store such material, i tried most of data recovering and nothing hlped

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the problem is an unlicensed version of the "folder hider" software such that the feature you want isn't available after recent updates.

If you want to protect such stuff, use an encrypted zip folder. NEVER rely upon proprietary software like this - caveat user!

Use TrueCrypt. It's free and open source, very well supported and remarkably easy to use.

so there is no other software i can use to recover my stuff, those are memories i cant loose
i will definately try TrueCrypt

so there is no other software i can use to recover my stuff

That's what backups are for. I have two 2-terabyte externals. I copy changed files to one external once a week and then I copy changed files from one external to the other.