A while ago, we had used a dial-up connection on our desktop computer with Windows XP on it with no problems. Since then, the hard drive died out, and it was replaced by a new hard drive. Now, when I would try to use dial-up, I would get an error saying the modem is not found or busy. Do I need to re-install the modem or something? It should be inside the computer. When I look at the devices, it does not show any modems. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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You most likely need to reinstall the modem driver. Do you have any discs that came with it originally? If not, remember that Google is your friend for this sort of stuff.

Finally, what make/model is the modem, and what interface does it use (serial, usb, etc)?


I assumed the modem was internal, since I never remember having plug in any external device. Maybe it's not being recognized? I suppose I should just buy a modem then, although I'm still confused on why I never had to plug one in before.


As you were fitting the new Hard Disk you may have dislodged the Modem. If someone else replaced it for you, then there is also the possibility that they removed it considering it to be a little antiquated for a computer in these days of 4G, Wifi, ADSL, and Cable access to the Internet.

Is the modem port (connector) still at the back of the computer where you recall it being? If it isn't then the modem has been removed. If it is still there, then you can fix this yourself if you feel up to it?

We should check if it's a driver issue first though. Do the following:

Right-click 'My Computer' > Manage > click an 'Device Manager'

Do you see any devices with a yellow question mark, or any 'Unknown Devices'? If there is then you will likely need to install a driver for your modem.

We can go to the next step depending on your reply here.


I did indeed replace the Hard Disk on my own, so the modem was not removed. The modem port is also still in the same place where I recall it being. And it's definitely not a driver issue, since there are no unknown devices that could be a modem. So far, I think the only possibility would be that I dislodged the modem when the new Hard Disk was installed, so I may need to check if it's still connected. Sorry for the late response by the way.


The problem is solved! It turns out there was an unrecognized device needing a driver. I ended up having to open up the computer to look at the modem model. After that it was easy to find the driver online on a different computer, then transfer it to the desktop computer. Thanks to rubberman and BigPaw for your advice!

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