Hi all, I have spent a long time on this problem and trawled all the forums. Much of the discussion is old. I have two Windows 8 computers, set up for file sharing, but the process is not exactly even, perhaps becuase the desktop is a private computer and the laptop is a work one, or more likely because there is something wrong with the permissions on the desktop. That would be easy to tease out if someone knew about it. I have looked at all the links, and tried numerous solutions, though.
On the laptop,
I can open the home desktop computer and copy files from the desktop computer
But I can't copy files to the desktop, which is what I want to do.
On the desktop,
I can't open the laptop at all.

On the desktop, I am interested in a folder called Users, that is currently owned by SYSTEM. I tried changing ownership to my name and then granting Everyone Full Control, but I got error messages about Access rights. I am a little concerned that the files might not be in a good state, permissions wise. I ahve 30 years of Mac experience, so this is a new world for me.

I would seriously like to discuss this issue, as there does not seem to be anything fresh on it at present.

It is likely that the laptop belongs to a work workgroup. Your desktop doesn't belong to that group. Changing the laptop's workgroup is probably not a good idea as it may make the system unable to connect to other shares at work, and it may, or may not be possible to reassign your desktop to the work workgroup. If you can do that, it may help your situation.

Also, on my work laptop, it will usually automatically try to connect via a VPN to my work network, making this issue even more difficult. You may want to check that out. If so, then you may need to first disconnect the VPN. IE, if I want my desktop at home to have normal shares with my laptop, I have to disable the VPN so it is only visible to my home LAN.

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