I have a Neo B32238 Laptop running an Intel Duo CPU T650@2.1GHz
2G Mem with 1.87 useable running for over 2 year on Windows 7.

It works well in all respects other than I just lost the ability to access a wireless network that had been operating well in the recent past. It worked at night and when I tried to connect the next morning it could not find the wireless network.
I have been getting a popup window for some time [wireless was still working] Top of window = Hotkey, inside the window =
Runtime error
‘-2147217405. (80041003)’
Automation error.
on boot, after windows was loaded but was looking for network. I would click OK and use my laptop as normal.

I have run a Windows emergency boot disc to check for problems, after finishing it said something like to allow wlan to work you need to restart. A restart produced the same problems. I also ran my computer’s CD with drivers and reloaded the wireless LAN getting the same instruction to reboot to get it to start.

I have a paid Avaira prog running and fully updated and have run it and a boot virus checker from Windows as well as Malwarebytes [updated] and found no reportable problems.

I can still connect to the say wireless network by cable or use my phone to connect wirelessly and I have used another computer on the wireless network while mine failed to detect it.

Everything except the wireless connection works and the wireless conection works on other computers and was working on this one at night but not on reboot in the morning. I did not install, uninstall, or change any program. I only used my email and social networking sites. There is nothing different I have done to my computer than I have done hundreds of times before.

Any ideas?

Maybe your wifi card already fried a.k.a already not working. Those symptoms you described also point to dead wifi card.

This usually happen to laptop a lot so might consider buying an external wifi dongle for your laptop.

Under the circumstances it seems to be a strong possibility that the wireless part of the MB is broken, but, what is the story with the pop-up at the opening of Windows and how do I fix it? Could this have something to do with the problem albeit, it was there before the problem with the wireless connection?

Another question to all and sundry, can I do an install/repair on Windows 7 without losing the programs installed and have to re-install everything again? I understand that I would lose all my updates on Windows 7 since it was installed but I don't need to re-install them myself, Windows will do that automatically.

You can't... If your wifi card is already broken, those annoying popups will not disappear just like that. You have to disable your wifi driver, not uninstall it. Only then those popups will not bother you again soon.

As for reinstallation for win7 question... I'm afraid you have to reinstall everything back. Even if you choose to install Win7 without formatting the partition, programs installed will be unaccessible due to change in registry but your documents will not be override or mising during the reinstall...

I'm not sure if you try to copy registry before install and reapply it back on new win7 install would actually work but it might do able to run your programs as normal except for the missing shortcuts...

Update the drivers for your wireless network adapter via Windows Update, or by using the website for either the company you bought your PC/Laptop from or the manufacturer of your networking device.

Ensure that your router is set to broadcast it’s network name (SSID), ensure that you are connecting to the correct wireless network (SSID) and that you are using the correct WEP/WPA passkey on both devices.

"Ensure that your router is set to broadcast it’s network name (SSID), ensure that you are connecting to the correct wireless network (SSID) and that you are using the correct WEP/WPA passkey on both devices."

Two laptops running side by side one can detect the network and the other can not, the network name is seen by one computer and no network is even detected by the other. I think that a network would need to be detected before any passkey even became applicable.

OK all working.

I did not realize that the auto updates were turned off and have not updated for some time. I updated Windows 7 and then re-installed the wireless driver again and everything started to work without problem. I have no idea what caused the problem but it is now working.

Thank you for all who tried to help.