I couldn't help to notice that there are more and more people who started to dive into windows 8. I wonder how it works for them. Recently I am thinking to get a windows 8 OS PC as well, but since my hard-drive's memory allocation issue (I don't know exactly about the issue, but it always automatically assign the least amount of memory to my system disk, which is C in my case), no matter what OS I used: winXP, win7. So I always have to reallocate some memory after I set up the system. So I am wondering if windows8 can be customized for partition? I was always using this partition freeware and I am not sure if windows 8 supports it. Thanks.

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Partition Star is recommended. Powerful and professional

While, you can try the Partition Wizard Home Etdtion.

Microsoft's partition manager is really robust now of days. You can try using that. Search for "Manage Partitions" and it should show up in the list.

so many partition tool! yeah, a free partition tool is needed for us. i once download a free partition master, and expand the capacity of my C disk. i think it is very easy to use and useful.

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