I got a new laptop and I didn't have enough money to buy Microsoft Office so I got Kingsoft Office instead. I'm trying to copy and paste a questionnaire that I completed online for a quiz for class. The questionnaire has the question and a box where you select true or false. I was able to highlight it all and copy and paste it into Microsoft Word on my old computer and the question and answer would appear. With Kingsoft when I paste the questions and answers it only displays the questions. Any idea how I can paste it so the question and answer appear. Some of the questions are multiple choice and you select the answer through a form.

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Download and install LibreOffice instead - open source (free) and can read/write MS Word (and other MS Office) documents quite nicely.

The first thing to check is that the text isn't actually being pasted. It may be pasted in a white lettering making it impossible to read. I would try pasting as plain text if the program lets you.

If that isn't the case make sure it is actually copying the text. Open up notepad ("Windows Key + R" to bring up run and type in "notepad" and hit ok), and paste the text in there. See if the answers are actually pasting. This will answer whether or not the text is actually being copied.

I've never actually used your office program, so I'm not sure what to tell you besides to check and ensure that it is actually copying the data.

In addition there are several other office products out there that are free or relatively low cost.

There is libreoffice: http://www.libreoffice.org/
Google Drive: http://docs.google.com
and for a small fee ($10 a month) you can do office 365: http://office.microsoft.com

The last one will give you the most current version of office and allow you to install it on up to 5 of your computers. If you're a college kid con your parents into ordering a subscription and just use a copy of theirs, otherwise its less than the cost of video streaming services out there.

When i opened my pdf downloads in kingsoft office, the files are empty without any text. However, i can see the lines and page numbers, but the text is unseen. It was working good earlier but dont know how it suddenly happened this time. Please, someone tell me how to recover my files?

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