The ip address of our sharepoint 2010 database server has changed, so how do we edit the new IP so that it points to new ip?

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so how do we edit the new IP so that it points to new ip

Edit what? I assume you mean the DNS record? If so, you need to contact your DNS administrator so that the DNS record can be updated to reflect the new IP address.

No JorgeM, I want to change IP configuration in Sharepoint since its configured with IP NOT hostname

ok, unless I'm missing something, or not fully understanding, if you mean change the server's IP address, log on the server with admin credentials.


Control Panel -->
    All Control Panel Items -->
        Network and Sharing Center -->
            Change Adapter Settings -->
                Network Connections --> 
                    Right Click Network Adapter -->
                        Click on Internet Protocol v4 -->
                            Click on Properties button -->
                                  Change the IP address.
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