what is the software how to build software and It is build to use c#.One small question Display appilcations and software development both are same

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You use software development processes to build any software, including display (GUI) applications. You need to do some serious reading before you go any further, especially in this day and age of security exploits and malware. One good text on software engineering/development (very dated, but still a good foundational text) is Niklaus Wirth's "Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs". Here is a link to a free pdf copy of it: http://pdfbooks-collection.blogspot.com/2012/05/algorithms-data-structures-programs.html


You may follow any approach to build software like SDLC, RAD Model, Spiral Model, Agile etc. but most specifically you must need to gather some important points in order to develope a software.

  1. Which software and for what purposes.
  2. Feasibility of that software/application.
  3. Intended users for that software.
  4. Platform for the software to run (web/windows/mobile/any other).
  5. Any 1 programming language like C#, Java etc. to serve the above purposes.

And then, you start developing the software (sorry if I missed any key point to mention).

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