Alright, to start...

My pc was working fine... then I got the av security virus... and, I got rid of it.

I had to restart a few times, but i got that fixed. So, I turned my pc off, the next morning, It won't boot into windows. I've tried literally everything I could think of in the bios.

It freezes just before windows loads, I see the the small line in the top left, it will blink a few times... then freeze.

I don't have a windows disk and was wondering if there's anything I can do short of re-purchasing windows 7?

My pc is fairly new and I have the ability to boot from a usb drive, in fact, I'm currently using the pc now with the splashtop from my asus mobo.

So, in summery, are there any applications I can get to run from the usb to fix my problem? Or am I flat out screwed?

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I am using window 7. It is working perfect. i think window 7 is best operating system. i never use before like window 7.

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