Ok, not really a tech guy, so hoping I can get some help around here.

I was able to get my hands on a Z400, and thought I would install Windows Server Essentials. But after talking with someone, they stated they heard there will be issues installing. They didn't have much info, but sounds like it was driver related.

I know it will take Windows 8, but was REALLY hoping to use it for Windows Server Essentials. Has any one had any experience with this? And know how to over come this.

I don't have Windows Server Essentials in hand yet, so not sure what to search on, but wanted to get a jump on the possible problem to be ready

Any help would be great.

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Don't have exp with this specifically however if windows 8 worked with it, the driver base is similar for Windows Server Essentials. Let us know.


Will do. I haven't taken the time yet to do this (haven't bought Essentials yet), but I am positive it runs on 8.1 Windows.

Hope to start this in about 3 weeks... stay tuned.

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