It's malware. I'm 99 % sure.
Install combofix (freeware)
Before saving it on your computer rename it's name.
It helped me many times.


I don't really like combofix...

that's what told me about my ZeroAccess rootkit I got last time, though it didn't fix the issue...
it only removed the malware DL'd by the rootkit...
(as in the google ad-link search-results)

and then I ran it again w/o thinking... XP
(the page I got it from didn't inform me not to run it twice)

TDSS Killer was the one that found the rootkit as ipsec.sys, but didn't fix it

yea... I ended up removing network support from my windows back then :P
(including Python Tools for VS2010)
^ I had to use IDLE to do any testing

in any case, the issue is solved. :)
thanks though. ;)

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Big Oops!.. Combofix is not written for XP 64 bit machines. Which this one is....

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