I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
After a reinstall, I have installed XP Mode.
However, with Windows Explorer (and other utilities that access files), I can see all the files in any folder, but as soon as I try to do anything with any file, the system crashes and reboots.
It says an error code of 100007e.
I AM running as an administrator.
Any help appreciated.

What was your reason for re-installing windows 7? Have you checked the condition of your hard drive and your ram?

What Rik said. Also, why XP mode (other than because you are more comfortable with it)?

I had a problem that was gradually making the system unusable. After discussion with others I finally decided that a reinstall would clear the problem. It did.
Before the reinstall I used a Linux CD to test the memory - no apparent problems. I also used a disk checker (name doesn't spring to mind) but it said the disk was fine.
I also installed VirtualBox and then XP, and explorer worked just fine!
I have a 16-bit application that was written using Borland Turbo C and I haven't converted all the functionality yet. Need to see the answers so I can check the new version (in Visual C++).
I also have a third party application that just will not run on windows 7, despite everything I try. It works just fine in XP mode. So at the moment I need XP Mode.
Everything else I do works just fine in W7. If I could get those two apps working (or converted) I wouldn't need it ay more.

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