I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
After a reinstall, I have installed XP Mode.
However, with Windows Explorer (and other utilities that access files), I can see all the files in any folder, but as soon as I try to do anything with any file, the system crashes and reboots.
It says an error code of 100007e.
I AM running as an administrator.
Any help appreciated.

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What was your reason for re-installing windows 7? Have you checked the condition of your hard drive and your ram?


I had a problem that was gradually making the system unusable. After discussion with others I finally decided that a reinstall would clear the problem. It did.
Before the reinstall I used a Linux CD to test the memory - no apparent problems. I also used a disk checker (name doesn't spring to mind) but it said the disk was fine.
I also installed VirtualBox and then XP, and explorer worked just fine!
I have a 16-bit application that was written using Borland Turbo C and I haven't converted all the functionality yet. Need to see the answers so I can check the new version (in Visual C++).
I also have a third party application that just will not run on windows 7, despite everything I try. It works just fine in XP mode. So at the moment I need XP Mode.
Everything else I do works just fine in W7. If I could get those two apps working (or converted) I wouldn't need it ay more.

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