I installed the Windows Vista VM, when I run the Vista VM it prompts to start in safe mode or a normal, regardless what option I choose, the boot process restarts and doesn't boot into Vista. I originally gave 1.7 gigs of system memory for the VM, I reduced that to 1.2 gigs hoping the problem would go away. Could it be because I have little free space left ?

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Try increasing the gig space. If that doesn't work, delete the Windows Vista ISO and then re-download it fresh and try the new ISO to see whether the problem will persist or not.

What virtual machine manager are you using? What is the host operating system? Did you verify the ISO or DVD that you used to install Vista - the disc checksum (usually an md5 or sha256 checksum)?

Oracle VM Virtual Box, on Windows 8.1 Pro. You can check a VHD file ? I did not do a checksum check on the file, as I wasn't aware you could ?

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