Hi friends!
I installed Windows Server 2008 Standard and then activated it successfully. I has been running for over 2 months now with no problem. But, it has now started to ask me for Activation.
"My Computer -->Properties" says "You must activate windows now" and I see the "product ID & Change product key"

I tried to "Activate windows now", entered the product key at the back of the CD case but the activation said "The product key you typed is already in use..to activate Windows you will need another Win Server Standard product key.."

How do I get out of this please? I thought I was done installing and activating Win at the first time.
Thanks for any input.

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This is why I run Linux - no activations, registrations, other people pwning my system credentials...

Rant finished.

It is possible that either MS "lost" your registration/activiation, or someone (malware) has tried to activate a Windows system with your key (possible). What happens when you actually try to re-activate your license?

I'm thinking that since you activated your machine with your product key that same key has been used on another machine. M$ has thus invalidated your activation. It could have been copied from your machine's sticker or from the cd case, in your home or the store.

Fisrt of all is it legal product from microsoft or you just using it for practical purposes.If it is a genuine product then you must have installed and use the product key more than once or on the hand you can contact microsoft for help.
and if you are just using it for practical purposes than you must use the extended method from Microsoft to keep on extending you expired period which also has 2 till 4 times to excute after you need to install it new.

Thank you all.

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