Hi all!
I'll just list out what I've observed:
-On switching on the system, I get no display and no beep. If I press the button again, it shuts off. I can switch it on and off n number of times and the only way to escape this is to press the reset button. Then the computer functions as it normally does. Then I turn it off and I have to go through the process above to make it work again.
-The system freezes often and I get some sort of delayed response but again I have to press the reset button. The PC seems to work on alternate times. Like properly, freeze, reset, properly, freeze etc.
-Once got the blue screen on start up, but that was resolved.
-Reinstalled the OS (Win XP), but to no avail.

Thanks in advance

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Hard Option:

Remove any and all devices from the machine except the Boot drive, GFX Card, RAM and CPU. If it still doesn't work everytime and you have more than one piece of RAM, remove all but one stick and try it in each slot. If it works, try the other sticks in the same slot. If they all work, new motherboard. If all but X stick works, new RAM.

If you still can't get it working, try reseating the heatsink, I do this option second because my heatsink is a PITA and I'm pretty good at making sure I have a solid thermal seal (that I renew every 8 months) but you might want to try this first. Lift off the heatsink, clean the processor and the heatsink bottom plate. Reapply thermal paste (it's really cheap and you often get the low grade stuff free) and re-seat. If this works, great.

If this hasn't worked, reseat your graphics card. If this doesn't work, borrow a friend's.

If none of this has worked, see if you can borrow some stuff for testing from a friend. They will need to run the same architecture (Socket 775 for example) as you. Some people are ok with this and others aren't. If you can't do this, then it's time for the Easy Option.

Easy Option:

Buy a new PC :)

ive done all of the above still nothing on my windows xp sp2 could it had finely died on has it had its day ??

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