Have a new Dell Inspirion 560 Minitower with a 16X DVD+/RW Drive installed. Using Windows Media Play to burn audio CD's and to backup Quicken files. Using the following procedure: Start - All Programs - Windows Media Player - Library - Click Burn - Click Audio CD - develop play list - insert disc - start burn. It shows the disk being burnt with the play list...........when finished, drive door opens. I then take CD down to car CD Player, insert the disc, and I get an "ERR" message. When I try to back up files on disk, I get :cannot write to Drive A." Tearing my hair out over this one. I am also somewhat computer illiterate so directions have to be well defined.

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Have you tried reinserting the CD into your PC to see if it did get burned correctly? Also, which operating system are you running, Windows 7 or Vista? Do you have the latest updates for the operating system and Windows Media Player installed.

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I'm running Windows 7. No, I haven't tried reinserting the disk after burning I've tried several disks and they have all come out with the same message. The one error message that bothers me is when I tried to copy to disk my backup to Quicken and the message said can't write to Drive A. I have downloaded all the updates on the computer as I have been advised to by Microsoft. I don't know if this is a software or hardware problem.


Did you make sure that your mp3s are in wav format? If not then he you have to convert them to .wav format before making audio disk (even if some windows apps do that for you, do that manually). Make sure your files are in wav.. there are plenty free converters around.

Install this http://cdburnerxp.se/

It might not be visually as nice or with as many options... but it works like charm and its truly free ((dont have to pay for extra features.. or whatever))

Another thing,... DVD burner is not the same as CD burner. Also if you burned your DVD/CD okay... your CD player might not be able to read them if media is not right. Might be worth checking your cd/dvds in a different device((or try to play them from computer... and see if it works))


Well Dell fixed the hardware problem online but they want $139 to fix the software problem since software problems aren't covered under warranty. Seems a little extreme to me to have to pay for a resolution of a problem on a new computer. Of course they didn't happen to mention what the software problem was or assume responsibility since they were the ones who installed it and should have tested it.

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