Hello, anyone can help me create a .bat file, which will need to copy a .fdb file from a shared folder on one computer to another share on another pc over my LAN network? The .bat needs to be scheduled as well, is it best to use the windows 7 task scheduler or any specific code in the bat itself to do this?

PS. The .bat needs to be able to overwrite any existing file with same name...

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Yes, the scheduler will work fine. To copy the files securely (with retries and such) I can recommend Robocopy which is available from MSDN somewhere (don't remember which SDK).


So I would also recommend Robocopy. Its included with Windows 7 so you dont have to worry about downloading a copy.

In addition, since you will be reading and writing files to remote systems, you'll most likely need to run the task as a user account that will have the appropriate permissions on the target systems.

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