please, help me key activation update windows 7 ultimate bit 32

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What problem are you having? If you have a valid product key, and an Internet connection, Windows will call home and activate itself.

If you are encountering an error, you can call Microsoft to help you activate Windows over the phone.

And if you are asking for a key to activate a copy of Windows that you didn't legally obtain then you won't get that here.

The Ultimate upgrade isn't really worth the effort anyway. The only difference between Pro and Ultimate is the ability to encrypt folders and files. Unless you have a lot of super secret stuff on the computer there is no need for it.

i bought a new dvd copy of windows ultimate from shop.i installed myself this from my hp dv4 note book, now asking for 15 days windows activate and change your product key. how to activate on line.

Ha ha... I wanted to give you a link to a page which would explain the methods to save me typing them.... let me tell you, you must frame the search engine terms very carefully to avoid pages of hacking instructions.. :)
Here are the genuine methods:
Your product key should be on the cassette box. Good luck.

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