hello there,
i have just upgraded from xp to windows 7 ultimate 32-bit.
i am facing a problem, my creative 5.1 speakers are not working. only two ports are working and rest 3 ports as well as subboofer are not working. i have installed all new drivers just downloaded from net.
i have asus p5kpl-am in chipset. i have installed drivers recently downloaded from asus website. all drivers are up to date. i have tried at least 10 different downloaded drivers but problem persist.
i have tried several solution already available on net, like 'enable speakers fill option in enhancement and many others'.
windows 7 is listing the '5.1 surround sound' just fine, but when i run 'test' on speakers only two of them respond. my speakers are perfectly fine, they work in another pc running xp.
please help, without subboofer , sount is so so bad. waiting impatiently for replies.

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,you say you downloaded drivers from Asus site ,did you download the win7 Creative 5.1 drivers from Creative ,what is the model # of you creative 5.1's site .

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for me also same situation.. upgraded from xp to windows 7 ultimate.. i have 5.1 creative (sound blaster 5.1 vx) when i installed sound blaser software.. i got the error and i can't install completely.. so decided to download the driver from site... installed many driver but still i can't run my speaker.. so pls help me..

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