hello everyone,

I am having a problem regarding excel,I want to get the (network name) base on the network prefix of the (phone number) column using the value of the third column which is the (network)

Sample output:

Phone Number | Network Name | Network Prefix | Network Name

9162123212 ???? 0813 Smart
0910212232 ???? 0817 Globe
0916 Globe
0910 Smart

thanks for any help.

I take it that your phone numbers are strings, so you would start with this command to extract the fourth digit:
MID("Text"; Start; Number) - replace "text" with your cell number, so: MID(D1; 4; 1).
You will then need to compare the returned value with the contents of an array which would contain the reference digit for each company, and the company name; simplest would be a column of cells with company names. If only two networks than an IF THEN statement would suffice.
Looking at your phone numbers it may be that you will require leading zero stripping?