so I've got XP x64 edition, and apparently active desktop was removed,
meaning my interactive html desktop background that told me a bunch of things from the internet is no longer usable.

anyone know of a good free replacment software??

as expected...
looks like another dead shot in the water... 9_9

so nobody knows of a software that can set "BG.htm" as my desktop background??

Did you find an alternative?

nope, best things I've found are HTML snippets.

and then I've found RealDesktop (contact me for an extracted, virus-free installer), which inspired me on a complete 3D desktop environment (like playing a 1st-person video game).
this can't be done easily in windows, and NTFS killed my HDD, which I'd planned to install linux when it died.

so I'm on Xubuntu 14.04 now and have my desktop looking close to what I had with SharpEnviro (still XP-based).
here's a recent screenshot of my desktop with an OpenGL screensaver background:
^it overlays my icons, but once I build my 3D environment, I won't care :P

so this article is not solved, but closed

this can't be done easily in windows

you'll need an overlay window for one (like RealDesktop)
I'm not sure how you could get your windows in a 3D space, but I've used CubeDesktop before and that displayed the windows almost similar to my intentions.

RealDesktop seems cool, gonna try it sometime.

Just a curiosity about Xubuntu, is it based on Ubuntu or Debian? I tought Ubuntu has been discontinued, what about Xubuntu?

Xubuntu is basically a rebuild of Ubuntu built to be light on RAM.
XFCE is amazing with it's customization and abilities to span your desktop files across both monitors.

I don't know too much about it other than that, but I like it Better than Unity/Ubuntu Desktop. :)
(I haaate the sidebar) :P

anyways, more info here :)

Ubuntu's too big to simply be discontinued :P

As for RDesk, screw it, here's the istaller extracted from the official adware installer:
^any new updates I think should auto-update, don't quote me on that though... heh