Hi, whenever I play audio, and the output goes through my speakers, it GOES THROUGH MY MICROPHONE TOO. Like, when I play a song, I monitor the microphone input, and it says it has input when the song is playing. How can I fix this?:?:

Hopefully by opening up, having a look at what are hopefully adjacent connectors, and fingers crossed prising apart something that's touching the other.

Nah - it'll never be as easy as that. If it isn't, then there's possibly a track on the circuitry bridging or a resistor blown in the sound card. More difficult to resolve.

O_o. It was a Windows setting. I had selected to have microphone input from something other than my mic. Sorry I didn't reply last night, I fell asleep :|.

I must remember to remember that one when it crops up again!

Glad you're sorted.