Can anybody please guide me or enlighten me on how to go about this problem, Im running on windows 7, intel i3 processor and 6 gig of ram. I am using a toshiba laptop, satellite, c840, my current bios is InsydeH2O v6.50.my registry is a mile long, and the persistent module is the trusted installer. I have 3 files on my that doesnt seems to fit, pageswap.sys, hiberfil.sys and a girbish all caps folder.

pls if anybody can assit me in my current predicament. tnx

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Most mother boards have a crash free bios that has a backup of the OEM bios settings. I am assuming you have attempted to boot the pc in safe mode and scan it that way. I suggest booting into a linux live environment to disinfect the problem drive. Something like this might do the trick.


There are not BIOS rootkits per se - the BIOS is read-only memory. However, there is a flash chip that holds the current BIOS settings, and that CAN become rootkit infected. This is a favorite tool for agencies such as the NSA and other sophisticated hackers. Even if you wipe and re-image your drive, when you boot up again, if you haven't wiped the flash, then you get re-infected.

Some systems let you wipe the flash by removing the battery (laptops) and holding down the power button for some period. Others require that you remove the battery, access the motherboard, and short out a couple of contacts. Your computer manufacturer will have instructions on how to do such a "factory reset" of the BIOS flash.

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