Hi all

Don't know if this belongs here, but any help would be much appreciated!!

When I am surfing on the net, I use BT Yahoo Broadband, and go to open a link so that a new window opens, my computer crashes/ not responding EVERY SINGLE TIME!! The links just do not work ever, and my computer just crashes whenever I try to open a link, I'm having to copy the shortcut and paste in the main webpage bar up the top of my browser, and this only works on some sites!!!

Please help, PLEASE!!!!

spyware! or virus! sort of sounds like blaster virus but could be anything.does pc crash:turn off or does internet explorer turn off?


I would run an anti-virus scan, and would then run an adaware scan. You can also check to see if IE is at fault by downloading and running Firefox. If Firefox works just fine, you have a gremlin in IE.

I suggest you try AVG Antivirus, as it is a nice free product, followed by AD-AWARE from lavasoft. You can also try to post problem in our Virus forum, and go from there.