There's a preview released of Windows 10, for developers. I downloaded it, managed it to work, shut down got an error, started right after and all my partitions were gone.

And again, Microsoft messed up my hardware

But that's not the strangest. I also had Ubuntu .iso, I deleted every partition (all were "crashed") and installed Linux on my computer, I tried to install MS Win 10 again, but it wouldn't let me, so I thought, well, let's return to our old friend Windows 8.1, but nope, it can't be installed either. It prompts error that files are corrupt and until I provide complete files, setup can't continue. This is not a question, but this is a warning for everybody out there, don't test software on real machine, just try it on VM instead.

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Did you try windows 7 bcauz windows 10 managed to almost wreck my PC

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bcauz windows 10 managed to almost wreck my PC
Same story over here :D

Did you try windows 7
I haven't tried Windows 7, this time Microsoft pushed over limits. I can understand flaws here and there, but entire HDD erased is WAY too far. Instead I don't think I'll install Windows EVER until I hear overwhelmingly good feedback, but so far, they're on the bad way.

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Or Mac, but why pay extra money for new laptop, when you can use current one to put Linux into it? ;)


This is a situation where "I told you so" is correct, but not particularly helpful... IE, NEVER install new OS versions directly on your system. This is what virtual machines are for! If they mess up (they will, inevitably), then you can just remove the VM and files, and start over if desired.

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