Widows Vista screen on, no image or sounds. Hard boot used to work. (I've heard powering a computer off that way is not good?)

Followed cumulative advice:

1. VGA chord worked. For some reason, images showed up on my monitor/television.

2. I remembered to count the tabs (1 and enter, no password) to make it through a blind log on screen for windows.

3. Right click on screen > graphic options > output to > notebook

4. (Now for where I screwed up in the past and didn't follow instructions) When you right click, there is also GRAPHIC PROPERTIES, this PERMANENTLY changes your output when you power on; this it what I had to change back to NOTEBOOK from MONITOR.

Still don't understand how the VGA chord was able to boot images and sounds, but it worked out great!

I am not sure whether you are asking for help or stating that you solved your problem. Please clarify your intensions for this post.

Regarding powering off a Windows based computer, this shutdown method is discouraged because when done, Windows cannot properly close open tasks and files. There is no harm to the hardware.

Solving video problems, which prevents display as a result is setting errors, is best done using the "Safe Mode" boot option. Entering the boot option menu is done by depressing the F8 key every half second after the computer self test and before Windows starts its load. Booting into safe mode bypasses most driver loads. That includes the video driver, so incorrect video settings will not affect the computer display.

If you still need help, I should be able to help.

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