Yes.....we are sort of still on Novell. However, I am new to the Active Directory world and need to create my first Active directory Forest. My test server is built, but haven't installed/initiated Active Directory services, etc. Any resources as on how to plan and create?

It's been over a decade since I saw my last Novell server. But as to the resources I fear it's not a lack of resources on the web today but you may be overwhelmed by all that is out there. I'd start with or maybe take a class on Windows Server.

Amazing that there are still companies so far behind the wave that they are continuing to run Novell servers... That's almost like using a horse and buggy to commute 60 miles to work... Well, I suppose the Amish would do that, but I prefer my Toyota!

Sad isn't it? If it works, why change it is the company's motto. I prefer to have the most efficient and secure but in an R&D company, IT is not prioritized and budgets are limited. Believe it or not, Novell makes a client for Windows 7. I need to transition to a Windows server and would also like to control and deploy GPL's including the ability to control patch management, password resets and remote desktop. I have a test server setup with no Active Directory role enabled. Looks like I have a lot of catch up on.

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