hey everyone, new here and i was having problems with my browser(chrome), am having pop ups everywhere some not even ads help needed and fast. Thanks in advance to the possible helpers

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I think Adblock plus and classic popup blocker plugins will help you a lot to stop the unwanted ads and popups emerging in the websites in the chrome browser.


Open chrome, go to settings, scroll to the bottom and click advanced settings, scroll down to the bottomg and click "Reset browser settings".


I have classed your issue as having "Adware" on your System and I shall guide you to removing it however I will need more information before being able to do this. Firstly, what OS are you using (and is it 32-bit or 64-bit)? Secondly, when did these issues start and do you remember a list of websites to where they started from. If yes, replace "http" with "huup" in the domain so people don't come on this forum and click them and also get infected, but just so I can maybe do some analysis on them and the files on that site :)

With that, do you use a Antivirus/Anti-malware product, and if so, which one?

^ Answer those and I will help you best I can with removing this adware.


thanks everyone for showing your concern, it is well appreciated, i finally got it disabled, it was a plugin on the chrome that was causing the issue, even adblock plus couldn't stop it.

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Why would you use an operating system that gets malware in the first place?
Only Microsoft users have to install malware programs, anti virus programs, spyware programs, registry cleaners, defrag, firewalls and all that other garbage needed to keep microcrap running.
Get Linux which is FREE and you dont have to use any of that junk. Not only is Linux free, but it is more stable, more secure and easier to use...

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