I have modified permissions, edited config files, and rewritten my code several times and no results whatsoever. I am at a dead end and I have no way around this that I have come up with or been able to find online though countless help forums. The error that I am having seems so simple but has become a major roadblock.
I have a php script that runs on submit after one has upload up to 4 files, for simplicity and testing’s sake I have focused on just managing to upload 1 file but nothing so far. I have apparently used scripts that return no error and are guaranteed to work but they did not which leads me to believe that the issue I am having has to be a permissions issue somewhere.
The platform I am running is windows server 2012, IIS 8.5, PHP 5.5, and everything else (JavaScript, html, etc..) up to date as well. Now I have tried changing the folder permissions because I was told this is the majority of the Cause, however this has not been my case. I have modified the php.ini file to allow file uploads but that did not work either. Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere deep in IIS or is something entirely different?
Thank you for your time and assistance.

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