I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 and thought better of it. I used the 'revert back' tool. Since reverting back to windows 7, my machine has become sluggish and takes a lifetime to open anything. Every now and then it'll tell me there is a system32 file missing.

Thanks in advance for any help pointing me in the right direction.

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You have to do a fresh install, the old backup has missing files or corrupted files so next time when you will start ur computer will not pass the POST screen.Do it quick otherwise you will do some day.

Windows 10 is way better than w7, first time i was reading the comments of other users about experiencing w10 problems.After 17 days of pain with w7 i've decided to install this operating system, i did a fresh install and installed driver booster.After restart i was amazed and started to install programs, games and other stuff in mean time i haven't got any error or os compatibility.

Your best choice will be w10, by the way on w7 latest build from qtorrent/bittorrent and some programs will not work anymore.(You need an older version)

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You should be able to fix this with the recovery partition. You will need to boot into safe mode to do that. My brother-in-law had this problem and that's how he fixed it.


Thanks guys, I've managed to save my personal data and was wondering how to do a Partition Reset?

I want to try and avoids fresh install as I have a lot of programs like Photoshop etc that came pre-installed and I don't know how to get them back. Thanks again :)


I don't know what you mean by a partition reset.....

If your system has a Recovery Partition and an option to Factory reset do the default install again, that's your best best. Most PCs come preloaded with an 'recovery app' that will restore to factory default or would let you burn CD that you could use to restore to default. IF the machine came from the factory with photoshop installed, then the factory default image would have that as well. If you got this from a private party, then you are out of luck on any software.

With a downgrade from 10 to 7, this is a common complaint. 95% of the time, a wipe and reload is the best fix.

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