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If you can cable in to the router then you can get the password from the admin interface. Or you can ask whomever maintains the router for the password.


What exactly are you wanting, the password for the router/modem or the encryption key?
As a last resort, you can reset the router or modem to the default factory settings.


The Reverend Jim is correct. You need to access the admin web page on the router, which means you need to directly connect your computer to it with an ethernet cable since you don't have WiFi access. There, you can either view the password, or if it is obscured, you can reset it.

If you reset the admin password and forgot that also, you may have to do a hard reset (there is a recessed button on most routers to do that) and set it up again. Most of the time, the default admin password is either empty, or simply "admin" without the quotes.

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Once you are cabled in you can open a browser and type into the address. Many routers use that to serve up the admin screen.

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in windows, right click on the wifi network name and choose property then go to security tab and tick "show charactos" thats your password

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