Take your time i'm currently doing a few things to my dv6 and chatting with the Xbox team.

Hello All I have decided to just restore it so it's like new and hope it fixes it.

Hello again, I've restored it which didn't fix it so I've contacted HP and they will get back to me Monday and might have to send it in for them to look at.

If it was a desktop I'd update somethings but it isn't and I'm not replacing parts.

My daughter had the same problem with her laptop. Windows 8.1 was installed and the whole thing was very, very slow. CPU running at 98% with nothing loaded.

The cause was McAfee antivirus. When I (finally) got rid of that the laptop ran like a young gazell. Upgraded to Windows 10 (her choice not mine) and it was like new.

Even after installing all Antivirus programs it was still slow. I tried several different ones and all were the same.


Let's recap. Is the machine slow under all conditions? Factory? Linux, etc? I looked at the specs and found a very low end PC. So the performance may be right for this class PC.

I done a full restore so it was like I just brought it, and if you're saying the performance is right for the PC then you obviously haven't read anything I've been writing. Like about how from the factory reset it was still running at 90% CPU. If you're saying that's right then I'd like to try out a cheaper PC. This one cost my $499, plus it was on sale my last one cost a little over $500 and it has half the RAM and half the space and it lasted me close to half a year before I started noticing a couple problems with it which are kind of fixed now, but its still working better than my new laptop.

So I'm going with what other people are saying which could be a component problem and needs replacing because you tell me how a 4GB RAM laptop can having so many YouTube videos open (I think at one point I had close to 20) and still be able to go on Facebook do work and other stuff on it and have the CPU balancing around 40%... And have my new computer doing nothing at all but sitting "idle" and be running at 90%?


The office picked up an E1 based machine and no matter what we did it never was acceptable performance. You seem to think it should work fine but it's new, out of the box, factory condition not delivering for you. I had hoped to share our experience with this low end model to help you figure it out sooner. We took the E1 based laptop and doubled the RAM, popped in a faster HDD and it still didn't perform well enough for office use. So far, other E1's seem to be about the same sluggish things we've seen everytime.

Did you at least compare the E1 CPU on CPUBOSS to say some Intel i3? Or your old PC's CPU?

No I didn't but its too late I've sent my laptop off for a service.

If you are still having problems when you get it back you might try downloading and burning (or creating a USB version of) a Linux Live CD and booting from that to see if you still have issues. I had to do this to determine whether a video problem on my laptop was due to hardware or software (it was software).