I can't figure this out but the network icon looks like this even though it is connected to the internet:

I didn't mess with any settings, but it just started to look like that one day.

Any ideas? I looked at the settings, everything.

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And you're still able to connect to wireless networks? Hmm... My best guess would be driver or some config files that are broken.


So I don't see any issues and which icon are you talking about not looking correct? Your connected via wireless to a router that you don't want us to know the name of (no issue) and showing wired and uireless connections under network connections and it loooks like you are running vmware workstation on your system.


I do run VM ware but I disable the network connections to it when I am not using it, others as well. I will try re-installing the network adapter to see if that fixes it.


My speaker icon does the same thing at bootup sometimes - even though the audio still works and doesn't seem to be otherwise affected. I just click on it to bring up the slider, click twice on THAT speaker icon, and the taskbar icon goes back to normal. Related issue?

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