Hi Everyone

I am trying to achieve a cell that is dependent on two different cells.

Basically what I want to do is:

Item 1 If the contents of Cell U20 equals the contents of W12 or W13 the cell will equal a certain value.
Item 2Depending on the date that a task was set, the status will change.

Item 1 is the priority.

This is what I have tried so far, but still drawing a blank:

=IF(U20=W13,"C",IF(U20=W12,"On Hold"))+IF(K20>TODAY(),"G",IF(K20=TODAY(),"A",IF(K20<TODAY(),"R")))

=IF(AND(U20=W13,"C",IF(U20=W12,"On Hold")),IF(K20>TODAY(),"G",IF(K20=TODAY(),"A",IF(K20<TODAY(),"R"))))

Any help would be appreciated.

According to your specifications:
Item 1:
This will set the current value to 1 if U20 equals W12 or W13. Otherwise it gives 0.

Item 2:
More detail is needed to help with that. What status values apply for what dates? Is a specific day, day of the week, number of days ago, etc.?

What results are you expecting for certain input values and what are you actually getting? When is it as expected and when is it not?

=IF(U20=W13,"C",IF(U20=W12,"On Hold"))

This condition is right but "IF(K20>TODAY(),"G",IF(K20=TODAY(),"A",IF(K20<TODAY(),"R")))" and "IF(U20=W13,"C",IF(U20=W12,"On Hold"))" you cant merge in a single cell
You need to do this in two different cell