I am fighting around with setting a property on sound device via registry edit.

I know its located at


i found that the setting is


what changes is ff,ff to 00,00, that is ok,

but also the 3rd, and 4th value change, but i did not discover the logic...sometimes the same, sometimes like random


Can someone bring some light into this, what do the 3rd,4rd hex data mean? I did not change anything else, so it should be relatively static.
and i need som vbscript to detect the device ID, but thats not a problem.


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Sorry not really. But a long time ago I used some neurons about something else. That registry entry may be specific to the sound card or device in each PC. This means unless you field identical hardware across the fleet, my bet is this will be inconsistant.

I'm finding PC vendors to no longer be more than a packager of goods. If you find a bug in a driver, there's a high probability it may never get fixed. This also means the PC maker often does not have access to source so no one can (dumpster?) dive into the code to see what they do in the registry.


Hi, thank you for you reply. I will put the login in some vbs script, so if any pc has itw own unique value, it does not make a problem, as long as I know how to calculate the data.
The PCs are the same model and have the same brand usb sound card / headset, and done from the same image.
strange is that even when switching it on and off the values on the same PC change (3rd and 4th hex value, the ff and 00 is still the same).
Off | On
8f 0f | 63 00
00 01 | 68 02
68 02 | 00 01
6c fb | d5 d3
00 01 | 68 02
00 01 | 79 02
68 02 | 00 01
00 01 | 8f f0

I might try experimenting:)

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