Hello, I have my "old" windows 7 machine that I would like to maintain as much data and programs as possible. I bought a new Windows 10 machine and noticed that Windows Easy Transfer is not there. I have seen various post online about upgrading to the same machine but they don't seem to apply when dealing with two different machines. Any suggestions?

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I'm going to not write about easy transfer alternatives here. You can google that but in case you didn't find it, this search:

I will slam Laplink here as the times I used it, what a mess it created.
I might nod to Easeus products as folk tell me it's OK.

That said, I take the move to a new machine as the right time to forget all the old and start fresh. That's how I deal with this.

Backup data. Install new system. Re-install your applications (hope you have the license keys if needed), restore data, and have "fun". I'm sure Win10 will provide you with all the "fun" you need for a long time to come - NOT!

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I also agree with the above users that would rather start fresh. Things get cluttered over time and a fresh start is .. well... refreshing :)

That being said, I see reports that Profile Wizard gets the job done.(Both local and domain profiles)
Might be worth a look and the personal version is free it seems. (Also portable)

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