Just changed out internet provider, including our 5 static IPs. Reconfigured sonic wall, and basically everything works (Internet, email, etc) but not Outlook Web Access / outlook anywhere. In fact, typing the usual mail.domain.com/exchange simply brings up search results now, rather than trying to connect. Our name servers are still still being hosted by our old ISP, since the contract is active for several more months. I'm stumped trying to figure out 'what changed'...after all, email still works in / out as long as you connect to it through our domain. But no one can access through their phones since the changeover. We are running Exchange 2003 / Server 2003.

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Update: Outlook Web Access (OWA) works from domain-joined machines, at least inside our building...but not outside

Sounds Like a DNS issue. Resolvers outside the domain are looking at old ISP which are resolving to old IPs. See if you can update the MX records at the DNS levels to reflect the IP address change.

Where are the MX records located?

Internal DNS is working for domain clients, external clients are looking at MX records, which likely point to old IP address.

Only SMTP servers are using the MX record, not users via web browsers. However, the MX records needs to be updated as well.

Either way the advice you have been given is good. Take a look at the external DNS zone and update your records accordingly.

Keep I mind that when you make a change on the primary zone, you have to wait on replication via the zone transfer process. In addition, what ever records you update have a TTL value. This is the amount of time the record would be cached by DNS resolvers so if this number is very large, it's going to be cached on clients out there until the TTL expires.

Finally, I was able to get our name server provider able to point our A record for mail.company.com to our new static IP. Shortly thereafter, remote email began to work again. THanks for all the help.

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