Good morning

Recently I put an excell files on my desktop. This file wu4.xlsx was draged from a secure vautl (cryptainer). I did some draggring of file into a CD-R . Because of some limitation this file and 1 other could not be moved. When I go back to the desktop the Excell file has disapeared and could not be find anywhere on my PC. I did a search with "ask me anything" on my cloud drive, on the various partition, on the cryptainer program, on the deleted, and on the CD.
What happens to this file?
I am using windows 10.

That's a method I would never use. I continue to use CD creation software like CDBURNERXP (works from XP to 10) and I see it's up on

You discovered what does not work, so go back to methods we know work.

Try copying it, not dragging/dropping it.

if you drag the file from the cryptcontainer, then in essesne you moved the file, so it is no longer in the cryptcontainer, now when you drag it onto a cd-r you are again moving the file. if the write to the cd was not done to completion, the file is obliterated, gone no longer exist. the only way to get back this file is to see if your cryptcontainer has a shadow copy, right click on cryptcontainer folder, go to properties, then previous version. you can do the same to the desktop folder if the file resides there for a day or over 12 hours. other than that, your file is gone.