I'm running Windows XP with to users configured. When windows boots up and my Logon screen appears for me to click my logon picture to logon, how do I change the sound that plays?


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Easiest solution I know of. Open Control Panel, go to Sounds and Audio Devices (in classic view) and hit the Sounds tab. Find Windows Startup entry, click it, hit Browse, find your desired file. Open it, hit Apply, then OK, and youre set!

..and the sweetest of them all is.. No Sounds.

..and the sweetest of them all is.. No Sounds.

lol ,you stole my comment!!

hahaha i agree with you both... screw sounds... ive got a clip of Dane Cook saying "f you" when my pc loads up

i remember i once had an XFiles theme loaded in Win98, in which when you shut down the system, the sound would play 'They're shutting us down, Scully'. Now THAT was cool

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