Yesterday I followed a thread trying to learn to lock file folders using the cacls in the command window. I thought I'd use the temp file folder as my target, thinking that it was the most innocent folder I had. I was able to lock it, but now I can't unlock it.

Here is the code that I used to lock it:
cacls %temp% /G %username%:R

it asked me: Are you sure <Y/N> I replied Y, and it returned "processed dir: C:\DPCUME~1\HASLAM~4.AFT\LOCALS~1\Temp

I could confirm that I was unable to save anything to the temp folder. So I then wanted to unlock the folder. I used the following code:

cacls %temp% /E /T /C /G %username%:F .nul

It returns : Access is denied.

In an admin shell type

cacls %temp% /G everyone:f

/G replaces existing ACLs whereas /E edits (modifies) existing ACLs