why, on windows 10, some touchpad drivers(even updated by windows) don't activate the vertical\horizontal scrool move.... i have them activated, but don't work.... when i use the finger, instead scrool, the move moves.. yes i have seen the scrool area.
how can i fix the problem?

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I hope in the future you can make your discussion title match the post content.

Anyhow, what I'm encountering are folk that expected Microsoft to go get drivers for them. And get the settings right. Sorry, no. Microsoft has yet to perfect that aspect of Windows. "Driver Hell" is real. Microsoft has slightly improved since 1995 but barely.

For your laptop, try the laptop maker's web site for the drivers.

"I hope in the future you can make your discussion title match the post content."
ok.. isn't the best title.. but i'm learning more and what i can about windows 10.. because i'm getting some problems using it.
i use these title for next questions about windows 10

"Driver Hell" is real

To be fair, it's much easier for Apple to minimize driver problems when they have complete control over the hardware. Microsoft can only provide the interface, then hope that the hardware manufacturers follow the rules when it comes to writing the drivers. Of course, that also depends on Microsoft providing proper (complete) documentation, and we know their record on that score.

i installed a worked driver.... but the windows 10 update it automatic and now isn't working :(

thank you so much for alll.. thank you.
next question:
Windows Defender: a program can use more than 1 exe, that's normal... but imagine that program(even the next exe from that program) need create a file(like a text file), how can i make an excepction for that program(even using more exe files)?

@cambalinho. Sorry but I don't see what Windows Defender has to do with your issues to this point. If you are trying to squeeze in a NEW QUESTION then you should start a NEW DISCUSSION.

about windows 10... is what i'm new... sorry i

If one were to hold an open ended W10 discussion, it would never end. While you should ask questions, place each in its own discussion so they can be addressed. If you add a question in the middle or end, folk won't find it and you may never get an answer.

thank you sou much for all

Sometimes it can also happen due to the hardware not having the ability to scroll or its damaged, Like my Samsung laptop has the scroll area(the line on the right) but it will the not work the reason is the hardware inside dont support scrolls.

Yeah, agree with @Steven112

What is your brand and model of laptop?

I am also using this os windows 10 and its features sre awesome!

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