What is the difference between MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer?????
Because when I install msn messenger I get message saying that MSN explorer could course them too to conflict.........

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What is the difference between MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer? ...when I install msn messenger I get message saying that MSN explorer could cause them to conflict...

MSN Explorer (MSNE), like Internet Explorer (IE) is a front end for the functionality built into Windows. One of the things the MSNE interface adds is an integrated Messenger function; therefore, if you try to run MSN/.NET Messenger while running MSNE, it will conflict. No such conflicts exist for Mozilla or just plain IE.

MSN Explorer is basically Internet Explorer with a fancy skin. The skin adds a bunch of extra features to IE such as buttons to go instantly to hotmail and other MSN member/premiere sites. Changing your IE preferences changes your MSN Explorer ones as well, being as MSN explorer is really just IE ;)

Running Windows/MSN/.NET messenger while running MSN Explorer doesn't necessarily conflict. It will just sign you out of one while automatically signing you into the other. You can still run both programs simultaneously (no real file errors) - you just can't be signed into both at the same time.

Thanks for all help.

Poundy, the answer is a lot and not a lot, all at the same time. Here are the basic differences.

  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is a Web browser that comes installed on Windows machines. It lets you surf the Net and comes bundled with an email client, Outlook Express. You can also use it to browse your hard drive by typing a directory path in the address bar (e.g. C.

  • MSN Explorer
    MSN is Microsoft's attempt to create an all-in-one environment that people never have to leave. It provides email, calendaring functions, chat, games, and everything else under the sun. If you have an MSN account, you get a Hotmail email address and an MSN Messenger account. MSN is trying to replicate the feel of AOL.

    MSN Explorer isn't much more than a fancy wrapper over Internet Explorer. The only real difference is that the icons across the top give you instant access to MSN features. Type any URL into the address bar and off you go into the wild blue yonder just like you would in IE.

    Let's say you have an MSN account but no MSN Explorer. Are you out of luck? No way. Head to MSN.com with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or Netscape and you can still access all your MSN features by logging in to the site.

    You probably have only Internet Explorer if you downloaded it, if you have MSN as your Internet service provider, or if it was installed by your PC's manufacturer.

  • Windows Exploiter

    To add to the confusion, Microsoft has one more Explorer, Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is used to access files on your hard drive. Start it up and you'll see a hard-drive directory on the left of the screen and the current directory files and folders on the right. If you type a URL in the address bar you're whisked away to the World Wide Web.

    So what's the difference between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer?

  • Windows Explorer excludes any additional toolbars you may have installed.
  • IE typically won't display folders on the left side of the screen when you use it to browse your hard drive.

Great post! :) Thanks Big B.

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