After complaining for months to MS to stop Edge from adding websites to my Quick Links bar, it seems to have stopped. Nothing was more frustrating than reading some news pages then having to delete a ton of links from Quick Links. Is this your experience?

Ugh, that's annoying. I use macOS so I haven't had to deal with Edge for quite some time now. Why not use Chrome or Firefox?

I like Edge. Adding to Quick Links was my only complaint. Edge has some advantages over Chrome, but I'm sure it's largely a personal preference.

In that case, I'm glad you got it resolved. Did you do anything in particular to fix it? Perhaps it was a bug that Microsoft Update corrected on its own?

I prefer Chrome because of its developer tools. Also, a lot of the SEO plugins I use are written for Chrome. (A lot of the SEO community lives in the Google ecosystem).

I doubt I can take credit, but I did quite often pester MS through the Feedback. Yes, I imagine with all your development work, Chrome is quite an advantage. I don't have any need for development beyond posting simple pages.

On another note... I hope you're doing well! Can't help using DaniWeb without thinking about Dani.

Hey! its their duty to satisfy the users requirements so that the community keeps doing good.

Thanks for asking. I could be doing better, but I’m hanging in there. I’ve been able to make it to the computer the last two days without getting a migraine after 10 minutes by lowering the resolution to something practically impossible to work with.

Ugh, I spoke too soon. It's back to adding links. So frustrating. I can't find where Edge is storing the links to perhaps make it read only. Only workaround I can think of is to populate and pin 8 links I like so there's no room for it to add others.

Is it possible you have a plugin installed that is doing it on your behalf?

It's standard Edge behavior. It adds a link to pages you visit frequently. I just filled it with pinned links (DaniWeb first ;) ) so there's no room for it to add more links. If they're not pinned it can shuffle or replace a link with something else it thinks is more relevant. So far pinning seems to work.

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